Saturday, January 24, 2009

Purpurravaara-huppari / Green Gable

Ok, so before everyone thinks that ALL I do is knit to the neglect of my family, I want to explain a few things. Here is how I manage to get so much knitting done...
~I spend anywhere from 0-4hrs throughout the day knitting. I knit while waiting i n the car for 20 minutes to pick up my son, after the kids are in bed, when the kids sleep for an hour in the afternoon. If my dh is driving, I knit. If I have to wait anywhere, I knit. It really adds up!
~I stay very organized. I have about 4 knitting bags. One or two with small projects like hats, mitts, etc.,. and then a couple for larger projects. I also keep my stash organized and my patterns organized by season and either child/baby or adult.

~I knit fast for a thrower :) I would love to learn to knit continentaly, but for now, until I have the patience, I am a fast English knitter. This means the yarn is in my left hand and I have to throw it around for each stitch.

~I make mods to almost all patterns to make them faster and easier with less finishing work at the end. I love knitting seamlessly! This can save a few hours in itself.

~I very rarely sew in the ends. I either, when working with wool, is spit splice or I knit the ends in. It is working so far!

~This is my main hobby and I only sew occasionally and haven't scrapbooked in years. I really need to catch up!

~I like to complete each project. I just don't have room to store unfinished projects :)

So, those are some of things I try to do to get the most out of my knitting experience :)

Now, for a new hoodie that I just finished. It took me ten days and is seamless, of course :) This was one of the first projects that I really wanted to make that I saw on Ravelry.It is by a Finnish designer and way back in July, the pattern was not available.....until Vogue Fall 2008! I used Elann's Peruvian Highland Chunky wool in the Grape Heather colorway. It is nice and soft, light, but extremely warm. The buttons are hibiscus flowers made out of steel, I think or some type of metal.

I also knit myself a quick hat; only 56 rows with bulky yarn. Easy quick and warm, now I need to make matching mitts :)


  1. Love the hoodie -- the colour is beautiful, and the buttons gorgeous. :-)

    I need to learn how to modify of the main reasons I haven't tried sweaters yet is that I hate, hate, hate seaming. :-)

  2. oh, it looks lovely!! I just started Sylvi from same designer, and I really love the pattern!!!

  3. Thank you both!
    Yarn piggy; this is a very easy pattern; make sure to check the errata and the group on Ravelry :)
    AnneM, I LOVE Sylvi! It is beautiful and I would love to see your when it is done :) My next tikru project will be the hooded cropped jacket in the Winter Vogue. Mmmmm!

  4. I love the hoodie and what you said about knitting time adding up if you make use of every opportunity that offers itself.

    The buttons are gorgeous.



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