Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am so excited about THIS!

Sweet Hilda is now available through Ravelry!  $2 off from November 17-21, 2013 at checkout.   

Looky HERE!!   A new Lookbook from Three Irish Girls!  Why is this so exciting? My first published design is within those pages along with 40 other new patterns from a bunch of wonderful designers!  It also contains new yummy yarn colorways.....there is just not enough time in this life to knit all that I want to knit!

There has been much anticipation and waiting and hard work that went into this book. I am so proud of all the designers and Sharon's whole team that pulled this together.  Way to go!

 "Sweet Hilda" is named for my grandmother who taught me how to knit when I was only four.  She opened the world of fibre arts to me and I am so very grateful.  As a little girl, I slept with "Lambie", favorite song was "Baa,baa, black sheep".....yes, I was destined to be a knitter  :) 

I had the privilege of using Three Irish Girls Springvale Merino in "Molly" and "Enna".  It was a pleasure to knit with and happened to be in one of my favorite colours; it was like Sharon knew that already :)

The first photos are the professional photos for the pattern.  This is not Willow :) Her photos will be here another day... Size 4.

Scarlett's Sweet Hilda is in a size 2.  She loves this poncho and is so proud that I knit it just for her :)


  1. That is an absolutely stunning poncho! I wish I could knit like this, but I'll need waaaay more practice before I'm able to make things like these. Then again, if I was able to make something like this, not only would I make one for my daughter, I'd figure out how to make one that fits me :)

  2. I totally wish this was available in my size too!



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