Monday, February 28, 2011

It is raining!

Our weather is so up and down.  It varies within 24hrs, sometimes by 30 degrees!  The rain is nice, though :)

This past weekend, I finished up some knitting for the kids.

 Willows Coat.  I used the Liv's Coat Pattern and added side increases, buttons and loops.

Knit Picks is going to be putting my pattern, Liv's Coat, up on Thursday, March 3rd! This has been a lengthy process, although shorter than most, but well worth the wait. I had a wonderful bunch of ladies test knit the pattern, so I am sending out a THANK YOU to Debbie, Maria, Charlene & Kathy! You all helped me so much and were so wonderful to deal with.

Ok, now it is snowing like crazy!!


  1. Those turned out nicely. You've certainly kept busy lately.

  2. What a lovely owlie-hat! Love it

  3. this hat is sssssssoooooo crazy!!!!!! funny!!!! Love it!!!



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