Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, you know you WANT to make one of these!

Breast Hatt pattern is now available for $4.00. It has been clarified, centimters added, top down & bottum up instructions as well as a new Copyright. The Copyright is like a license to sell the finished hats for charity, auction or donation. The pattern cannot be reproduced to sell or handout.

Friday will be a fun day.  I am releasing a free pattern for a top down hat.  Super easy, super customizable, super cute.  How can you resist?  Remember this little hat?

I have finally written my pattern! But wait, it comes with options...customizable nipple and areola!  Really, it does!

And, two band options; rolled and ribbed.

Sizes preemie to large adult.  Preemies need love too and what adult male wouldn't want a hat in the shape of a breast? Can you imagine the banter in the locker room? 

This hat is a great accessory to promote breastfeeding, raise awareness for breast cancer or as a comical gift.

More photos coming later this week :)



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