Monday, March 7, 2011

I am thankful for the snow because....

.....I can knit more warm things.  That is about it.  Actually winter has always been my favorite season.  I love the cold, fresh air, winter sports, wearing think clothing.  For some reason,  I am pretty much ready for it to be done.  I look forward to swimming and gardening (yes, I just said that!) and having the laundry hanging outside.  Oh, and camping.  I really want to go camping again! 

Not very knitting related, I know, but just needed to be said.

To pass some more time, while it snowed again this weekend, I started a cool pair of longies for Lox, who is growing like a weed.  They are called "Baby Wrap Pants" by Maude Baril.  Pretty nifty, I'd say.  I am making his in one colour, with mismatched buttons.  I am also adding a drawstring as The Boy likes to pull all his pants and diapers off, if at all possible.  I am using Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK in "Butternut"; this colour is just as it sounds:

Ok, those pants don't look like much now, but just you wait and see!

I am also working on a test/sample knit blanket, Jadyn's Blanket which I plan to release soon.  The pattern is complete, edited, just needs to be laid out and photos added.  Then, I will knit a PINK one for Jadyn :)

Instead of knitting the bobbles on as I went, I placed safety pins to place them out and will knit them on after, most likely all in the same color. 

And, a photo of the boys with my brothers dog, Kobe, juts because they are cute :)

Happy Knitting!

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  1. That's cool that you showed us a project that is still in the works. Will make it all the more exciting to see the finished product.

    Have I ever said that I used to hate the summer back when we lived in central humid. I liked winter better (still fall and spring better, though), but now that we've moved 200-something miles more northwest, I hate the winter, EXCEPT when snow is on the ground, because that is really cool! :-) (Pun intended.) I love the summer now, though there are days that are pretty hot, but the shade is enough, b/c the humidity isn't as bad.

    Well, happily knit away while the winter still lasts! :-)



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