Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simply Spring Beanie - Free Pattern Release!

Here it is! "Simply Spring Beanie" pattern release!   

Available in sizes preemie through adult male.

 It was designed in Knit Picks Simply Organic Cotton, so I have added in an allowance for shrinkage.

“Simply Spring Beanies are the quintessential hat for any age. Perfect for the Spring and Summer, they keep your head cool and the wind out.

Knit seamlessly in the round, from the top down, lifted increases are used for a smooth transition with a twisted ribbed band to help keep the hat in place. The beanie is meant to cover the ears halfway and an allowance is made for shrinkage. Directions are given for optional striping pattern.

Seven sizes included to fit preemie up to adult male.”


  1. oooo I want to try this! I think Ivan would really like this one :D

  2. Lovely pictures. That dark brown with the light brown look very good together. That would look on Nathan in his size.

  3. Would this be difficult for someone with limited knitting experience to pull off? It looks sweet!

  4. How limited ? :P It is quite easy and if you find the increases difficult to understand, you can just M1 or increase how you like :)

  5. Love to make this pattern but how do you join the 4 cast on stitches and I increased to 8 stitches and it says to join. How do you join these 8 stitches on a circular needle? A bunch of us girls at work can't join these stitches? Please help. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Hi there,
      It can be tricky to join so few sts in the round. I use the Magic Loop Method with a longer needle cable or double pointed needles to get started. For the Magic Loop Method (you can also google videos) - You are at the end of the row were you inc to 8sts; divide the sts; 4 on one end of the needle, 4 on the other and pull the cable through, where the sts divide. The 2 sets of 4sts will be laying parallel to each other, wrong sides together with the 1st 4sts on the front needle and the last 4sts on the needle in back. Pull the needle from behind long enough to make it comfortable to use (you will still have a loop of cable in between the 2 sets of 4sts). Beg at the beg of the row/rnd and k the first 4sts, then pull on the loop of cable from the beg of the rnd so that the working needle is long and comfortable to knit with and the left hand needle is in the sts. Keep repeating by adjusting the 'loop' of cable as you knit in the round. I know this is confusing so please look up this Knit Picks Video:
      Let me know if you have any more questions :)

    2. Thank you so so much for the quick response. I'll try this tonight during my night shift. Love your site Megan.

    3. No problem :) I hope it works out!



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