Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Union Suit Pattern Giveaway! EXPIRED

Contest Expired.  To purchase 
Union suit - Babies & Toddlers  
Union Suit - Children's  
Union Suit - Adults   

In anticipation of my Union Suit Pattern release, next Tuesday, September 6th, Nicole @ Frontier Dreams is hosting a giveaway for one free pattern!  Stop on over there; you won't regret it and I bet that you'll be hooked looking at her beautiful babies, knitting creations and fun crafts!  She was one of my lovely testers and did a fabulous job on a Union Suit for her little man which an be seen here.  The contest is open now and runs until the release date, September 6th. 

I had really wanted to have this pattern released in August or even the end of July, however, time didn't permit and I really didn't want it released at the same time as the Twiga Hoodie

Want to see what's on my needles? Stop by in a day or two for some sneak peaks :D

1 comment:

  1. Nicole's union suit is cute. And yes, I am curious as to what is on your needles. :-) Look forward to it.



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