Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A cute little breast hat....

......I knit up the cute little breast hat as a gift for a friend's friend almost 2 years ago.  I developed the pattern and thought it would be fun to create sizes for all heads.  After all, it could work as a quirky gift for someone going through breast cancer.....

Little did I know, I would be knitting one for my own mother.

It came as a surprise, indeed.

 She has spunk and loves a good laugh.  She is handling everything well and taking each day as it comes.  She is amazing me with her strength, reliance on God and determination to LIVE.  She can do this, I know she can.

Will she wear it? A year ago, I would have said, "No WAY!" Now, however, I think she just might :)

Actually, with her sense of humor, I am sure she will wear it :)

Love you forever, Mum! 



  1. Your mum is beautiful! She is a fiesty lady indeed! I will keep her(and your family) close in my prayers.

  2. keeping your family and you in our prayers.
    She is indeed, a beautiful lady.

  3. What a lovely blog, just amazing. Your knit it's gorgeous.



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