Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Hibernation

I am seriously lacking in the blogging department.  I fell like I am in hibernation mode!  Lots of new ideas, plans, family stuff.  Here is some randomness:

Willow lost her first tooth!  A special thank you to Scarlett for helping :)

New Honey Mittens for The Man.  Worked in Elanns Peruvian Alpaca.  Very soft and till be nice and toasty.

Finally got lots of snow!  Scarlett & Levi love it :)

Autumn Road Tunic is in testing and almost in the final testing stages.

Our cockatiel, Sunshine, is such a pooch!  She loves almond milk and sits on Scarly's shoulder while she eats her cereal waiting for the spoon to come up!

Yummy Dream in Color Calm...for a new little girls pattern!

She is such a bossy little thing!

...and this little lady is getting married in July 2013 :)

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