Sunday, December 7, 2008

Destinee's Long Stockings

What DO you knit for a girl about to turn 16? No sweater will do and neither will a toque. When asked, she chose stockings; one of my least favorite things to knit! However, being the mom that I am, I abided and am glad to say that I did. She chose the colors well and a simple striped pattern to be used. So, back at the end of November, I set about to knit these babies up! I used a basic toe up pattern and then decided on how many rows fr the stripes. 14 seemed a good enough stripe without making them too "Wicked Witch of the East-ish". We chose Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn for the job and used size 2mm needles to make the socks snug enough to fit a tiny size 5 women's foot. It is a great fit and I know she will wear these often.


  1. Wonderful, indeed!

    I have some super soft 100% washable wool that I bought (seems forever ago) to knit myself a pair of socks ~ any suggestions for an easy (beginner) pattern?

  2. You're a good mom! They look beautiful, just like everything else you knit.

  3. Thank you all!

    Chel, what weight is your wool? I am not a pro sock knitter as I have only ever knit a few pairs. I prefer a pattern that starts at the toe; toe-up, as then I can use up my yarn by making the socks longer or shorter. LMK what weight yarn you have and I'll see what patterns I can find :)

  4. Meg, I'm not sure sbout the weight. I bought size 2 needles to use. Does that help any? I've never knit from the toe up! My first and only sock was from the top to the toe. I like the idea of knitting toe up!

  5. Hi Chel! Yes, that helps; I think you probably having fingering weight yarn. I think most sock patterns are written for that weight! I'll see what I can find for you and pass it on...Ok, here is one from knitpicks lmk if you need any help!

  6. Awesome! Two at Once even! I bought two sets of needles so I could knit two at a time. The last time I knit a sock, I only knit one! And I only have 2 skeins, so toe up is great. . . if I run out, they will just be shorter! Thanks so much. :-) I can't wait to give it a try!



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