Wednesday, December 10, 2008


India claimed a new yarn in my stash that came from the Three Irish Girls Stash Menagerie club. It is a beautifully soft merino wool, aran weight, in the "Petit Fours" colorways. Delicious colors; makes me hungry! I used the same mitten pattern that my grandmother used to make our mitts from. Actually, it is the original copy! I feel so blessed to have such a treasure :) The mitts were intentionally a little big so that I could felt them slightly, but this yarn is so hardy that hand felting and washing machine felting hardly felted them! They felted slightly, just enough to fit India perfectly. Now to make some for Levi :)

This past weekend, I managed to squeak in a little hat knitting. I really wanted to try color stranding and held one color in each hand. It was slow going at first, but once I got used to it, my tension evened out and it started to come together quickly. The yarn is Patons SWS in Naturally Geranium and Snow White. Nice fairly soft yarn on the hands, but when it touches my forehead, it is itchy. I make sure my hair is between the hat and my head. I don't look good in any hat, but living up here where snow is a part of life, I have to wear one, so might as well have fun doing it! The pattern is "Three Tams", Tam 'C', by Angela Sixian Wu. There are two other tam charts included in this pattern and I may make them later.


  1. Love. Love. Love the mittens!!! What a treasure to have your grandmother's pattern!

    You are so gifted, Meg!

  2. ooooh, pretty mitts! i love three irish girls yarn! YuM!!

    i tagged you with a fun little meme~ check it out!


  3. Such beautiful work! I came over to drool over your newest creations and I was not disappointed. I just finished my first baby sweater and I'm ever so proud of myself!



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