Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally, the Sweater!

Here is the sweater that I made for The Man. Unfortunately, it is too itchy for him as he is ultra sensitive to wool. As I was finishing it up, I wondered if that would be the case, so I put my dad's wool aside and decided that if it was too itchy, my dad would score this sweater and I would knit another for The Man out of the softer wool. So, that is what ended up happening. The sweater is a Phildar pattern from a few years ago in one of their Irlandais Issues, knit up in 100% wool Elle Merino Tweed from Little Knits. I chose the natural oatmeal color as I thought it would suit The Man, but it actually looks better on my dad. My dad loves this sweater and wore it all weekend while he was here. It will keep him nice and toasty :D Oh, I should mention a few neat things about this sweater; I knit this entirely in the round and seamlessly. I did weave some stitches together under the arms where the sleeves joined the body, but that was it! It was a great challenge and I really learned alot. The saddle shoulders were fun too!

Willows matching mittens!


  1. Meg, tres magnific! So beeyooteeful! :-)

  2. Lovely sweater -- lucky dad!

    And the hat & mitts set is gorgeous. :-)

  3. Amazing. I hope one day I get to do something like that, but I have this feeling I started too late.
    If I was your Dad, I'd be over the moon.
    PS Started a new blog just on knitting http://halfnewfknitter.blogspot.com

  4. The Man is your dad, right? That's awesome, Meg. I'm glad he likes it.

  5. Thank you all for the sweet comments :)
    Tara, my dad is not The Man; that is my dh who prefers not to have his name on the net :D

  6. Hi
    I love your blog and your pics of you and the children.
    If eve you would wish to sell me your Phildar Tendances with the leaf sweater pattern, i would be very very grateful.
    I live in the Uk.
    thanks very much

  7. Hi Veronica!
    Thank you for your sweet compliments! At this time, I am not selling my Phidlar issue as I tend to keep them for many years. If I do, I will let you know, Megan :)



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