Monday, July 6, 2009

Has it really been 5 months !?!

Wow! I am amazed that I have not blogged for five whole months! Much is new and doe to morning/day/evening/midnight sickness, I lost the urge to knit. Very sad indeed! But, it is back :) I have even bought some new yarn which is inspirational.....I am just running out of time here! So, I will update on what I completed before I found out I was pregnant :)

I knit this for my neighbours daughters 1 year birthday in February. It is 100% cotton from Patons; BumbleBee. It is a now discontinued yarn, but I managed to but a bunch of different colors a few years ago. I used EZ's February Baby Sweater pattern, but did short sleeves and only three buttons. Raveled Here!

Another Baby Surprise Jacket :) These are so much fun to knit, I think I am seriously addicted to them! I knit this for a special friend who was expecting her 7th baby...He came in May! Is is nice and chubby and very yummy :D

The best part was using all different yarns that I had on hand. I used 20 different yarns from Elanns Sample Skeins subscription, plus may other balls of different brands. I also had saved these wooden ducky buttons for the perfect project and was so glad to have them on this sweater. I added a hood and did an asymmetrical front closure with loops for the buttons instead of holes. Raveled here!

Another sweater for Willow! This little girl loves anything that I knit for her and wears her knits ALL the time. She is so appreciative; how can I not knit for her? I found this Phildar pattern about 2004, but at that time, had no little girls to knit it for. I saved it and am glad I waited as I did quite a few mods. What fun would knitting be with out mods, right?

To begin, I used two different types of yarns, both the same weights, but when I started using them, found out that they really weren't the same weights. I used Elanns Peruvian Pure Alpaca Fina (100% Alpaca) and Elanns Peruvian Highland Sport (100% wool). I was going by color and immaturity in the art of knitting :) I ended up doubling the alpaca and this did the track. I was very thankful!

Mods: I knit this in the round, and added steeks at the front and for the armholes, which I later cut open to add the sleeves and the front button bands. I also did not add waist shaping and carried the pattern around the back instead of doing stripes as the pattern called for to match the sleeves. I knit this tube in one piece, right through to the collar! I also added a 3st i-cord around the collar a la EZ :) I used hand carved wooden buttons instead of a zipper. I really like nice buttons :) I also bought an extra color and managed to work it in. All Raveled here :)

Overall, this has been one of my favorite projects. I completed it in February and was the last project before my knitting hiatus. I am currently knitting Corona for India in Debbie Bliss Chashmerino dk. I should be done in a week or so. I have lots of soakers to knit for the new baby, too. I have knit a little merino wool hat and knit for the new baby that needs buttons and then I will have something new to blog about :)


  1. Ok... I don't need to tell you how excited I am that your blogging again! I also don't need to tell you how much I LOVE the sweater you knitted for Nadeus!!! I don't know if you checked out his blog recently but he wore it for the first time on Friday! It is SO cute on him :-D It's my favorite. I'm so glad it is made to grow with the child. It'll fit him for quite some time.

  2. Welcome back to blogging! And congratulations! When is baby due?

  3. You're back! Yay!
    Congrats on the new baby. Echoing yarnpiggy here and wondering when you are due.
    I'm so glad you're blogging again!

  4. I am glad that you are blogging AND knitting again. Welcome back!

  5. Awww, thank you all :) You are so sweet!

    Angel, Nadi looks adorable! He is such a chunky monkey :) He has the most beautiful milk chocolate skin :D

    I guess I was pretty vague about the new baby :) I am due Nov 5th, but always go early, so am thinking sometime in October. He is due right at the same time as one of my other sons, so we shall see! Oh, and I don't know if it *is* a boy, I just think it might be :D

  6. You made my day! :-) I love seeing pictures of your beautiful projects.



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