Monday, January 24, 2011

Hoot Toque

Loxley needed a new hat.  He keeps growing.  I want him to stay little forever.  I also like forest animals and made him this:
"Hoot Toque"

He LOVES this hat.  I mean, he REALLY loves it. 

It is knit seamlessly from the top down (have I ever mentioned how much I dislike seaming?), has ear flaps and i-cord ties.  The eyes and beak are embroidered on.  This took me all of one evening.

I will make him matching mittens next week...

Pattern will be available in February, in sizes newborn to adult.  I can't wait to knit some more!


  1. Ah, Loxley is so adorable! The hat is cute too. :-)

  2. he is soooo cute!!! love the hat! :)

  3. What a hoot! So cute! Lox looks precious in his hat.

  4. Thanks everyone :)

    It has to be one of my favorite hats!!



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