Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh it is so cold out there!

We have had some pretty cold temps here!  It has been too cold some days for the kids to play gets pretty boring without being able to play in the snow.  For me, i don't mind being forced to relax and read to them while I knit :) 

I have been working on some new patterns and finishing up some old ones.  I made a cowl for my friend, Angelina:

Isn't she pretty?  I made mittens for her last year too :)  The cowl is "Weather The Storm Cowl"  by Trisha Paetsch.  For both mittens and cowl, I used Cascade 220 in a teal colour and for the interior of the cowl, I used a medium grey alpaca/bamboo blend by Mirasol named Qina.

For Crystal & Shawn's baby, Lincoln:
My billionth Baby Surprise jacket!  I used some leftovers of Elann's sport weight highland wool, and some Lana Gatto Alpaca.  I found some cool retro buttons that my mom had hung onto since my brother was little.  India handmade the card.  She has her own little Etsy shop here :)

Longies for Mr.Loxley:
He is so cute! I love this guy :)  I used black Patons wool (this stuff pills like nobody's business!) and the blue is a hand dyed Araucania yarn, Atacama. I only had the one small skein, so I paired it with the black.  He wears these alot!  This is a basic longie pattern that I made up as I went along. 

A Coin Lace Scarf for me:
hahaha! You can see my dimples in this photo :)  This scarf is very long! It took me several weeks to knit in between other projects.  it is Shui Kuen's "Coin Lace Stole" pattern.  I used three whole skein of Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted Sock yarn.  Very soft and pretty.

A Sea Princess Jacket for Scarlett:
This is to match her Yacht Club Skirt.  It is a pattern by Anadiomena; Sea Princess.  I love this pattern!!  I have knit it twice and will knit it again.  I used Elann's Superwash Bamboo that is now, sadly, discontinued. 

I will admit that some of these projects have been completed for a while.  I just have been a bad blog neglector.  Is neglector a word? Well, if not, it is now!


  1. I'm famous! :D I absolutely *love* my mitts and cowl. All my friends are jealous, as they should be :P I can't believe how big your babies are! I have to come over to see them sometime.

  2. Happy sabbath, Meg!

    What a delight! So many beautiful works posted here, and yes, all the people are beautiful, too. Your children all have hair to die for. I guess they get that from their daddy. I love Asian hair.

  3. You've been busy! I had seen the mittens and cowl you made over on Angelina's blog, and it's absolutely beautiful!
    A friend of mine just lend me her knitting book that is for beginners and has lots of great projects in it, and I also bought a great knitting book at Chapters last night for when I'm more advanced (I just couldn't resist it!). I am determined to learn how to do more than just scarves this year, can you tell? ;)



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