Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspirational Bootee Ideas!

Over the past 2+ years that the Inspired Bootees Pattern  (aka BSJ Inspired Bootees) has been on Ravelry, I have really enjoyed seeing how so many have taken a simple pattern and made it their own.  There are so many creative, talented ladies (and some gents!) out there, I am thoroughly impressed!  Below, with permission, I have included some photos, comments, blogs and etsy shops for you to explore and get your creative juices flowing to think outside of the box.

From Sonia, aka PeacefulKnitter on Ravelry:

What sweet variegated yarn! 
Here is Sonia's blog: Peaceful Knitter
Isn't her little girl adorable?!?!
From Amy Gillespie, aka  evelynnsmommy on Ravelry:
Can you guess what these are?
Here's another clue:

Ok, now I am hungry!  Are those bootees and hat delicious?  Visit Amy at her blog here, and her Etsy shop here.  She has wonderful patterns!
Here are her modifications: "I shortened the section before the ribbing to only 6 rows of garter stitch in the pink yarn. Then I switched to brown but I didn’t switch needles for the ribbing. Then I added picot edging (With a crochet hook slip a stitch into the last pink row, Chain 3 stitches, slip stitch back into the original stitch to make a little loop. Single crochet into the next stitch around. And repeat around the cuff). If I’d thought about it I would have put in eyelets for ties, but I didn’t, so I just made an ornamental tie with about 45-50 chain stitches and attached some crochet cherries to the ends." Amy.

From Alison, aka  fjorlief on Ravelry:

Little Green Feet; I love these :)  Here is Alison's Blog with her modifications.

From Elizabeth, aka CountingSheep on Ravelry:
Aren't these cute little apple bootees?  She made them to welcome her new little girl into the world; congrats to your whole family! Read about Elizabeth and her knitting at her blog here

From Katie, aka tangledfleece on Ravelry:

Aren't those adorable???  The little pants and the whole outfit are adorable! 
You can read more about Katie's knitting adventures here.

Those are just a few of the super unique ideas I have seen around of the Inspired Bootees.  Keep it up everyone!  I love seeing all your lovely babies in their cute little bootees :D

You can get your Inspired Bootees Pattern Here :)  Happy Knitting!


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  1. Thanks for the link! It's nice to see so many creative bootees; I loved knitting this pattern.



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