Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspired Bootee Pattern Release!

Inspired Bootee Pattern is here! -

It includes:
- 5 sizes - preemie/newborn, 0-6months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years.  These bootees are stretchy so they fit for a long time!
- 4 different ankle band options; garter, ribbed, with or without eyelets
- 2 ties options; crochet or i-cord
- suede no-skid sole instructions
- schematics!  measurements included to get the best fit
- notes on where to change colours
- many good clear photos of mattress stitch, different styles, suede soles

These bootees are knit flat, from the top of the cuff down with only one seam up the back, using the mattress stitch to reduce bulk and maintain comfort.    They will only take a few hours to make or less! They make the perfect accessory to any little outfit.  Since these are knit in garter stitch (nice and easy!), they are quite stretchy and fit longer than regular bootees or socks.  For instance, the largest size fits a 2- 5 year old, with average feet.  Hmmm, makes me wonder if these would be cute in adult sizes.....

No-skid suede soles

Tie bootees at the back or can also fold them down to cover the ties and keep little fingers out of there!

I look forward to seeing every ones unique little Inspired Bootees! Much blessings to all :)


  1. YES! I'm getting the email. Meg, the booties are so cute. I like that "" comment. I'd definitely wear them! Nathan just recently bought me some new slippers, though.

  2. Shalom Meg! Thanks so much for sharing! These are such cute booties... like you I'm thinking the adult size will be cute too. I'm going to try and modify it to fit an adult, if it works out I'll be making booties for my whole family
    again, thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful Shabbat!

  3. YahKheena! So good to hear from you :) Please let me know how your bootee experiment works out. I know they would be slippery! I would love to see your photos too :)

    Tara, so glad it worked!



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