Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New things...

So many new ideas that I want to share, but I just can't yet.  Soon.  I hope soon.  Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak, at least as much of a peak as I am allowed for an upcoming pattern :D  Ok,  so you can't really see anything except for an adorable boy, but use your imagination...

Well, one thing I can share: I will have a new free pattern up for this cute little beanie. It is perfect for the Spring as it is in Organic Cotton.  I actually made a few for The Man to wear to the gym so those photos will be coming when I can pin him down :)

Anyone have any good ideas for this pretty yarn? 

It is Madeline Tosh DK and the color is Ms.Taylor.  My daughters kindergarten teachers name.  I think they may have been referring to Elizabeth Taylor, but I still think of the Kindergarten teacher :)

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