Sunday, June 26, 2011

Likin' It

I met a very talented lady on Ravelry a few years ago and was always in awe of her designs.  She has such a natural creativity that is simple and beautiful, all at once.  I *wish* I could knit like she does!  I just completed a test knit for one of her patterns and it was so much fun!  Likin' It is a top down, seamless tunic that is knit on the bias.  I love bias knitting; it is always so flattering.

This is how the tunic looks on myself.  I need to find something better to go underneath that doesn't show.

...and on India.  Who is taller by 3.5" and waaaay slimmer!

This is very flattering to so many figure types, due to it being knit on the bias. 


  1. This may very well be my FAVORITE! Love it!!! Colors are amazing, too!

  2. That's really neat how it fits you both well with the height and weight differences. Not familiar with that term "bias knitting," but that's cool.

  3. I absolutely love this tunic!

  4. Thank you Angelina, Tara and Amy!
    Amy, you should give it a try; it is wonderful to knit!



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