Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sneaky Peaky & Give Away !!

Contest is now closed! Thank you for all the great comments; winner will be announced on the 25th.

Next week, Wednesday, August 24th, Knitcircus Fall 2011 goes live!  I am VERY excited about this much anticipated issue because it is going to be HUGE (27 patterns!!!) And..... I have a pattern in there too :D  Here is a little sneaky-peaky:

Can you guess what this is?  No? That is ok :) You will find out soon :D

Now here is the BEST part:  Listen up all you knitters & want-to-learners:  I have 3 full Fall 2011 Pattern Collections AND a One Year Subscription to Knitcircus to give away! Isn't that exciting?  All you need to do is post a comment and let me know these 2 things:
1) Tell me what you think my pattern is in the upcoming issue of Knitcircus
2) What is your favorite pattern in the current Knitcircus, Summer 2011?

I will announce the winner on Thursday, August 25th, the day after Fall 2011 goes live!  Happy Knitting!


  1. Hmm, I'm going to guess that your pattern is a sock (Fair Isle perhaps) and my favorite pattern in the Summer 2011 is the Celebrity Tank...

  2. I love Isis!

    I think your pattern is a child's sweater.

  3. 1. Is it a hat like your Hoot Toque? So cute!
    2. Cinnamon Bay is lovely and Mughal is fabulous. I have that issue and really should get one of those projects on the needles.
    Rav amchart

  4. Toddler Fair Isle sweater - all those ends!!!!

    Orchidea shawl (I love Susanna IC's patterns!)


  5. I think it's a scarf of some sort! Ones where the loose ends add to the texture of it.
    I also like the Hopkins hat and blanket!

  6. First, bookmark. :D

    Second, I'ma guess a hat (intarsia or fair isle? Probably the latter).

    Third, I am really liking that Star Rib Mesh Market Bag and the Bun Bindles. Really cute (and useful) bags, it looks like. ^^

  7. I really like several things from the summer 2011 issue, but I'll call out for the Isis top.

    I think you made a childs' cardigan!

  8. 1. I think it's going to be a hat.
    2. i really like the Orchidea pattern - it's gorgeous!

  9. my guess-a fair isle childs hat. as for the summer issue I loved Isis and Fannette and the article by Wendy Johnson on Knitting more in less time

  10. It could be a pillow top, but whatever it is I love the color!
    My favorite in the summer issue was the spiral star baby blanket.

  11. I think your project is a colorwork sweater vest. I think they are going to have a comeback this year, especially given the great tweedy yarns available these days!

    As for Summer 2011 Knitcircus, I love the Cinnamon Bay Tank by Stephannie Tallent. The best part? It's modeled by a true-to-life-sized model. YEAY for that!! I can actually see myself wearing that tank, so I may actually knit it.

  12. A striped sweater? The picture looks like it could be a shoulder.

    I love the Mughal shawl.

  13. 1- a modular hat!

    2-at this moment, my favorite pattern is Isis. Lovely!

    Knitmomma (at) gmail (dotish) com

  14. I'm thinking it could be a toddler fair-isle hat.

    My favourite in the Summer collection is Fannette.

  15. 1. I think it's a fair isle sock
    2. Orchidea shawl is fantastic!
    Goodgonegirl on Ravelry :)

  16. I think it's a child's jacket.
    I love Al Fresco in the Summer 2011 Knitcircus.

  17. Something bigger than a sock, maybe a bag or baby sweater, with colorwork? And I loved two things in the last Knitcircus, and have knit them up: Isis and Fannette.

  18. I too think this is a fair isle hat, or vest....
    My favorite pattern was the Celebrity Tank, I might actually knit and finish one this year!

    marce_hall at

  19. i am guessing your pattern will be for a set of booties.

    my favorite pattern in the summer edition is...girly gansey pg 96-97 or maybe 90-91 spiral star baby blanket

  20. I think your pattern is a funky hat!

    Though it's hard to pick, I'd start the star rib mesh market bag as my first project from the summer issue.

  21. I love the Lonely Planet socks - oh and Tiltallating scarf (cables and lace!).

    I think it's a hat...

  22. I think your pattern is a fair isle sock or hat, and my favorite pattern from the current Knitcircus issue is the Orchidea shawl...

  23. Looks like a fair isle hat to me.

  24. I think your project is a stranded hat - did you throw an extra bunch of yarn pieces onto it to freak us out with the possibility of weaving in all those ends? :) My fav pattern from Summer 2011 is either Fannette or Hidden.

  25. Congrats on the upcoming release of your pattern.

    1. A hat.
    2. Mughal is my current favorite.

  26. I think your pattern is a little girls dress!

    My favorite pattern from the current KC is Cinnamon Bay (?) by Stephannie Tallent. She's one of my favorite designers. :)

  27. I think your pattern is a hat, and my favourite pattern from the summer issue is the Mughal Shawl.



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