Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Endless knitting & family photos :)

I feel like I am endlessly knitting.  I am working on  Union Suit for Levi and then one for my dad.  YES, huge amounts of endless stockinette! At least it isn't boring and I can watch a movie while knitting.

Here are some photos of the kiddos that I found and love :)

The whole fam damily (well, almost!) Who is missing?

My dad in his remodeled 39 Dodge.  Pretty pleased, I'd say!

Will & Scar <3

Mady & my favoritest niece ever!

Levi; A union suit will suit him, yes?

Dee :)

Indy; a prolific knitter like her mama :)

Not any photos of Lox. You all see him all the time as I use him as my model!


  1. GORGEOUS photos, Meg! Your girls are beautiful like their mama! Love the pic of your dad in his 39 Dodge and of course, the group pic.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I forgot my mom :( I will have to add her in another time :)

  3. Who is the goodlooking skyscrapper with the Dobberman?

    1. That would be my happily married brother :D He is pretty cute, isn't he?



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