Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lambs, Horses, Chickens and Kitties!

Some good friends of ours have a beautiful hobby farm that we have been able to visit a few times.  It is so beautiful there and the children love it!  It makes us want to get some property and go for it!  There is so much to do and see; Debbie should just invite us when it is chore time :)

Miss Debbie is *so* patient with the kids, explaining in detail everything that goes on.  She has so much energy and is such a lovely person, inside and out.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

The type of sheep that they raise are Dorsets, if I remember correctly.  

There is one black sheep but so far, she has only had pure white lambs!  Maybe her grand-lambs will be black.

Super fun barn kitty that played with the kids.

A lamb to hold!

The lamb peed on Sage.  How thrilling!

Finally I got to hold the lamb too :)

Chicken whisperers...

Collecting eggs.  Willow really isn't fond of the animal smells and mess.  She loves petting them and playing with them, but I know what she is thinking inside :)

Scarlett asked to groom one of the horses.  Feeding them would have to suffice.

This little foal was so much fun to watch as he ran around with his mother.  Very friendly horses!

This is a perfect little farm that has everything to make farming fun!  Definitely one of our favorite places to visit.  Thank you, Debbie, Todd, Crystal & Lincoln!

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